Hi everyone

Sorry for the long hiatus but i have been really busy the past few months

i have been considering closing down this blog. I am still very busy contributing for Alternia Radio (of which im one of the co-founders) and hopefully getting my group voice blog back up. :I

so i may be shutting this blog down but i have not decided yet. 


kaikun asked: 

2012-04-13 23:09

D: ive been gone for so long. (;w;) can i has a hug?

martyslittle-usedblog asked: 

Can you purr? :3

((Ok so i am now turning this into a voice blog!!))

((Any and all questions i receive from now on will be answered with my nepeta voice!

So ask away!))

D--> Hello Nepeta D--> I trust you are well? arithexenoqueen

:33 < oh hi equius! im doing purrfect! how about you?

:DD am i your furriend? kaikun

:33 < oh pawsitively!!

karkitty. >:3 kaikun

>;33 < i will never tell

can i guess? O: kaikun

:33 < well mayb33

:33 < i dont think you can though 

-smiles and pets your head- your adorabl-e n-ep-eta! I Glub your pag-e on )(-er-e by t)(-e way! askfeferitheheiress

:33 < *ac purrs* aww well thank mew!

:33 < and your page is purrt33 cute too!

I'm Good, T)(anks! 3:) askfeferitheheiress

:33 < h33 h33 thats pawsome!

:33 < *ac curls up next to her fishy furiend*

)(I N-ep-eta! )(ow ar-e you? askfeferitheheiress

:33 < im purrty good

:33 < how are mew?

:33 < whats going on with mew

^-^ so id like to know. who do you want to be your matespirit? O: kaikun

:33 < oh i dont know

;33 < its a purrfectly kept s33cret

o.o :D i gotted mah hug! -throws ac a ball of yarn- kaikun

:33 < *ac purrs and snatches the ball of yarn from mid air*

:33 < *ac says thank mew in a muffled voice*

((Might be upgrading to a voice blog soon))

((I just need to find a good mixer. Any suggestions?))

I would like to inquire as to whether or not you do anything special to ensure that others find you as adorable as they seem to. Just curious is all. askpsychiatristscratch

:33 < umm well i dont think i do anything special othfur than be my wonderfur self
:33 < wait are mew calling me adorable?